Nevada Identity Theft Resources

Nevada Identity Theft

Nevada law makes it a crime to obtain the personal identifying information of another person with the intent to commit an unlawful act, among other things.  The law appears in Nevada Rev. Stat. § 205.463.  As with many other states, Nevada law not only addresses the use of someone else’s personal information to commit a crime or fraud, but also trafficking (e.g., buying and selling) such information.

Points of Contact

Office of the Attorney General
100 North Carson Street
Carson City, Nevada 89701-4717
Phone:  (775) 684-1100
Fax:  (775) 684-1108

Nevada Dept. of Health and Human Services
4126 technology way, Room 100
Carson City, NV 89706-2009
Phone:  (775) 684-4000
Fax:  (775) 684-4010

Nevada Dept. of Motor Vehicles
555 Wright Way
Carson City, NV 89711-0400
Phone:  (775) 684-4368
Fax:  (775) 684-4389

Other Resources for Identity Theft in Nevada

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