Kansas Identity Theft Resources

Kansas Identity Theft

Kansas law states that identity theft is the use of another individual’s personal identifying information knowingly and with the intent to defraud.  The law itself can be foundin Kansas Statute § 21-4018


Points of Contact

Office of the Attorney General
120 SW 10th Ave., 2nd Floor
Topeka, KS 66612
(785) 296-2215
Phone: (785) 296-2215
Toll Free:  (888) 428-8436
Fax: (785) 296-6296 
Website: http://ag.ks.gov/home

Kansas Department of Health and Environment
Curtis State Office Building
1000 SW Jackson
Topeka, Kansas 66612
Phone:  (785) 296-1500
Website:  http://www.kdheks.gov/

Kansas Department of Revenue
Division of Vehicles
Docking State Office Building
915 SW Harrison Street
1st Floor
Topeka, KS 66625
Phone:  (785) 296-3963
Fax:  (785) 296-0691
Website: http://ksrevenue.org/vehicle.html
 Email:  dl@kdor.ks.gov

Other Resources for Identity Theft in Kansas

AG Tips on Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft

Kansas Identity Theft Safety Sheet

Additional Kansas ID Theft Resources

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