Colorado Identity Theft Resources

Colorado Identity Theft

From the Colorado Attroney General Identity Theft Resources Sheet:

“Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America. Each year, millions are victimized by this senseless crime. Technological advances and the proliferation of the Internet have only enhanced our exposure to thieves seeking to steal our identities.”


Like most other states, Colorado has laws that deal with identity theft, which can be generally defined as  the unauthorized use of a person’s identifying information to fraudulently obtain goods or services.    The statute itself is Colorado Criminal Code § 18-5-902.


Points of Contact

Office of the Attorney General
1525 Sherman St.
Denver, Colorado 80203
P: 303-866-4500
F: 303-866-5691
Consumer Line: 800-222-4444

Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS)
Phone: 303-866-5700
Website:  Colorado Dept. of Human Services

Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles
Fraud Investigations
1881 Pierce St, Room 136
Lakewood, CO 80214
Phone: (303) 205-8383

Other Resources for Identity Theft in Colorado

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Additional Colorado ID Theft Resources

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